Rockstud Capital's Yuva Bharat PMS Fund

Date: 17 May, 2023

Rockstud Capital's Yuva Bharat PMS Fund: Empowering India's Next Generation

Over the years, the Indian equity market has been evolving significantly and the listed equity investment is becoming increasingly popular among investors. However, despite this tremendous growth, there is a need for a youth-focused approach in the listed equity investment landscape. With over 50% of the nation’s population below the age of 25, the youth focused investment funds are becoming highly crucial. Youthful demographics have unique preferences and habits that drive their consumption and investment choices. And as India has a large and growing population of young people, the growth of consumption sectors including e-commerce, automobiles, consumer durables, digital payments, and Fintech, among others is on the rise. These sectors basically caters to the evolving needs and preferences of the young demographic. By investing these sectors, investment funds can capitalize on their growth potential and reap substantial returns.

A Look into Rockstud Capital's PMS Fund Yuva Bharat

Rockstud Capital’s Portfolio Management Service (PMS) Fund II focuses on the Yuva Bharat Consumption Theme and aims to back the youth of India. This fund is designed to invest in equity and equity-related instruments in India to generate long-term sustainable returns. It is backed by various government policies such as Atma Nirbhar Bharat, Make in India, PLI Scheme, Retrospective tax appeal and National Asset monetization plan.

The fund aims to empower India's next generation by investing in sectors that are expected to outshine in the future. By targeting the sectors of consumption such as automobiles, consumer durables, travel, housing, retail, and other industries that cater to the rising middle-class income and the digital category, this fund can help create job opportunities, improve living standards, strengthen health sector, promote agriculture and energy solutions and stimulate economic growth in India. The investment thesis is based on the rising income of the middle-class category and the digital wave that is expected to cater to these segments of the population across multiple market capitalizations. Furthermore, the fund's investments align with the government's policies which support growth and development in the Indian market ecosystem and focuses on generating long-term sustainable returns.

It is based on a structured approach that combines fundamental and technical analysis, making it an ideal choice for investors who are looking to invest in the future of India and benefit from the country's growth potential. This can also provide a platform for investors to participate in India's next decade of growth and contribute to the country's development, ultimately helping to empower India's next generation.

The investment landscape in India has been evolving rapidly in recent years. When it comes to investing in the Indian equity market, the introduction of new regulations and the growth of the mutual fund industry has led to more options than ever before for investors. The PMS market has emerged as a key player in this landscape, offering specialized investment products that cater to the specific needs of high-net-worth individuals and institutions. Rockstud Capital’s Yuva Bharat fund is set to change the listed equity investment landscape by offering investors access to a specialized investment product that is backed by the government policies and promises exceptional returns.

Rockstud Capital has been making waves in the Indian listed equity investment landscape with its innovative approach to investing in growth-oriented companies. Our first fund, RCIF-Series I, was designed as a hybrid strategy that invested in both listed equities and startups at the Pre-Series A stage. Rockstud Capital Investment Fund Series - I achieved a CAGR of 14% in a tenure of 4Y and an absolute return of 72% from a well-diversified portfolio of listed securities following the FACT(H) theme. It bagged six multi-baggers, with a multi-bagger return range of 5-6x. The success of Rockstud Capital's first Fund, RCIF-Series I, demonstrates the skill and experience of our team of experts at Rockstud Capital in selecting potential and rewarding investment subjects and managing them effectively and efficiently.

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