Investment Focus

Listed Companies

  • Clear focus of stock universe – We focus on companies having market capitalisation upto Rs. 15,000 crs
  • “Too Hard” box – We focus on companies within our circle of competence
  • Management – Our understanding of management is based on certain factors such as quality of business strategy taken in the past, honesty and fairness in financial reporting and related party transactions
  • Growth visibility – We bet on companies across themes with visible growth in future through either capacity expansion, capacity ramp up, industry growth, scheme of arrangements, etc
  • Operational leverage – We focus on companies that are in margin expansion phase or contraction of expenses as % of sales due to economies of scale
  • Margin of safety – We gauge margin of safety by deciphering intrinsic value of company through our internal proprietary methodology
  • Clearly avoiding red flags – We flag out companies with risky parameters such as pledged shares, aggressive accounting policies, change in promoter holding, contingent liabilities and many more

Unlisted Companies

  • Stage Preference – We invest at Pre-Series A stage
  • Sector Preference – We are sector agnostic in our investments and are open to both tech and non-tech based business
  • Company Preference – We look for companies that have completed proof of concept, have revenue traction of at least Rs. 1 Crore ,have successfully built team and looking for growth capital
  • Ticket Size – Our cheque is INR 1-3 Cr
  • Geography - We focus only on India based Startups
  • Co-Investments - We are open to explore co-investment opportunities with established VC Funds, Family Offices and Angel Networks