Rockstud Capital launches Second Alternative Investment Fund

Date: 23 Mar, 2023

Rockstud Capital Investment Fund – II (RCIF-II) is a SEBI-registered Category I AIF (Angel Fund) that will invest in Startups at Pre-Series A stage. With a target corpus of INR 300 crs, the Fund intends to build a portfolio of up to 25 startups with ticket size ranging from
 INR 1 crs to INR 10 crs.

RCIF-II will follow an investment thesis around youth-focused consumption theme wherein it will invest in business models that are trying to address the needs of today’s youth by focusing on areas like digitization, financial inclusion, health & safety, consumption, and sustainability. The key areas of interest include technologies relating to cloud/ data/ digital transformation solutions, climate impact, solution for improving EV performance, increasing agriculture productivity, solutions for credit/ loans/ investments, inclusions to financial independence, healthcare & cybersecurity, gaming, among others.

The Fund may lead and further follow a co-investment model to provide growth capital to startups to build on their initial product-market fit and be able to scale and raise Series A round. 

RCIF-II is designed to follow a deal-by-deal structure instead of a blind pool structure and offers flexibility in ticket size in current and follow-on rounds. It provides an opportunity to co-invest with a seasoned investment manager in a diversified portfolio spread across sectors.

The Fund will be managed by a team of experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the alternative investment landscape. The team has a proven track record of success, has worked and collaborated together since inception of the first Fund, and is committed to delivering superior returns for investors and ensuring continuity in investment patterns and philosophy.

About Rockstud Capital

Founded in 2017, Rockstud Capital is a leading alternative asset management firm focused on India domiciled investment opportunities through its SEBI regulated products. It launched its first Fund in 2018, called Rockstud Capital Investment Fund – Series I, which had a unique hybrid strategy of investing in Startups at the Pre-series A stage and in listed equities traded on NSE in India. It invested in 10 startups from the first Fund. Some of the portfolio companies include Everest Fleet, BigHaat, Instoried, Smartvizx, Fabheads, NOTO among others. The first Fund has been performing well with 8 out of 10 startups portfolio companies having already raised f/on round of funding from some well-known VC Funds and family offices.

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