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Date: 29 Nov, 2021

Online learning is something that has been on a significant rise over the past decade and the recent pandemic has contributed hugely in making this more centric in people’s lives. But as everything that strives towards becoming a trend faces competition after a certain point in time, so is the online learning space which is now full of experts, teachers and trainers who are competing to be their consumer’s first choice. This is where Knorish, an online course creation platform is helping the teachers and experts who can now create and sell their online courses using powerful sales funnels & automation. Knorish is empowering artists, performers, creators, and every other domain expert to share their knowledge with the world. 

About the company:

Knorish was started by husband-wife duo Kinner Sacchdev and Rakhi Wadhwa in 2018. Kinner has led product launches and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies in the past. He has also been awarded the “Business World Young Entrepreneur 2020 Award (35 under 35)”. Rakhi has also led product launches and marketing strategies for international education brands from Europe, US, UK and Middle East.

Their goal of starting Knorish was to enable and integrate the passion economy workers to main stream economy using technology. Over 16,000 academies have already been built using Knorish’s platform, including the recently launched Sanjeev Kapoor Academy. The Company is ranked amongst the top 100 most innovative companies in South Asia and India by HolonIQ India & South Asia EdTech 100.


· Knorish is a No-code platform built on .Net core, Angular, Java and HTML5 stack that provides an easy way to create training content, have it on your own website — with your brand and domain name and full control of everything.

· The platform provides extensive features such as sales funnels, website builder, course builder, in-built automation, in-built Zoom, training & support, and digital marketing integrations to run an integrated online academy.

Industry landscape:

· The online content creation market is huge with a large unaddressed need for coaches, teachers, trainers, artists and mentors to build their own white labelled websites and take their content online.

· Knorish is solving a real and significant problem by its unique DIY model and sales automation tools enabling higher revenue generation opportunities for content creators, as they are good in teaching but over 90% of teachers struggle financially as they are completely unaware of the existence and methods to run sales funnels.

· The estimated market size for potential demand from learners (K12, College students and working professionals) in India is $8.4 Bn.

Rationale for investment:

· Strong Founders’ pedigree — Founders are quite articulate and understand this space quite well. They have a very good clarity of thoughts in terms of vision and strategy to achieve the goals that they have laid out for their business.

· Market opportunity — Given the sizeable opportunity that online education market Offers, there is enough room for multiple players to grow and capture the market. Also, there are tremendous use cases that can be solved using the Company’s platform.



Knorish is providing its unique solution to help all the content creators and teachers who want to take their business online and grow it to new heights by making quick sales using their special funnel builder. With a world that has adapted to the phenomenon of online learning and with its sheer growth potential, it makes for a perfect future for Knorish to scale up and become a major player in its segment.

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