Date: 14 Oct, 2021

In recent years, smart home appliances have been among the most commonly used and widely known technological advances. After all, the ability to control home appliances from afar, with just a few taps on a smartphone, is pretty appealing, isn’t it? In light of this context, we would like to mention Cubical Laboratories, a company that brought a revolution in the industry of IoT by designing and developing comprehensive, affordable and smart IoT automation solutions for applications in residential buildings.

About the Company

Cubical Laboratories was started as a project by IIT Guwahati batch mates — Dhruv Ratra and Swati Vyas in November 2013 while they were pursuing their B.Tech in Electrical, Electronics and Communications. It officially started operations in June 2015 while moving base to Delhi. The Company has a pan-India distributor network through which it sells its products and also works directly with real estate developers.

Product Portfolio

• Cubical’s solutions help automate electric appliances through an App, hand gestures as well as voice assistance using Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

• Other products include door lock access from the App, wireless IP camera, curtain motor controller, etc.

• It has multiple Intellectual Properties registered in its name for applications like seamless fan controller (control through automation & manual regulators at the same time), dimming tech (dimming made more stable and cost-effective), and smart shift (control multiple smart spaces on the same App on single tap), among others.

  • The device enables the user to control, schedule and monitor the energy consumption of the electrical appliances that are automateIndustry Landscape

• Consumer discretionary saw a significant impact due to Covid and home automation space has been no exception.

• However, the long-term growth prospect of this sector remains intact, given factors such as improved lifestyle, increase in disposable income of people, and surge in awareness about smart automated systems which are expected to boost the adoption of home automation products.

• Home automation has its roots in smart home appliances which have over the years led to the development of integrated smart homes.

• Home automation today largely consists of four functional segments — Lighting, Security, Audio/Video and HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning).

• Lighting and security are top-selling products in the home automation space, accounting for 80–85% of the market. Lighting is the largest component of the residential market while security is the largest component of the commercial market.

Negating the impact of Covid

Given the expertise of the Founders in the IoT domain, they are also working with large enterprises and helping them in building their IoT platforms with a specific focus on software developments. This has helped them to negate the impact of Covid to a great extent while they continue to work on developing new product features and upgradations in their existing product portfolio.

Rationale for Investment

· Strong background of Founders — Both the Co-founders have done their education from IIT-Guwahati and understand technology very well and have invested over 8 years in building this business.

· Superior range of products — Having tried their products ourselves and also that of the competitors, we clearly see that Cubical has built excellent range of products (and technology) that are very competitively priced.


In creating reliable, inexpensive and high-quality solutions to control and secure the home with a minimum human effort, Cubical proves its potential as a major player in the home automation market. And apart from setting the benchmarks for its competitors, the company endeavors to be among the top key player in the IoT industry with the vision of ‘Intelligent Homes, Smarter Living’.

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