Affiliate Program

Rockstud Capital LLP

Rockstud Capital LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership firm registered with MCA in March 2017. The firm is setup for purpose of advising and managing funds as Investment Manager to the SEBI registered Alternative Investment Fund (‘AIF’).

RCIF Series I - Affiliate Programme

In an endeavour to create a win-win situation, we have created an exclusive and bespoke ‘RCIF Series I - Affiliate Programme”. This programme offers 4 innovative affiliation options as below:

1 - Board of Advisory

Based on your expertise, provide advice in regards to the structure & strategy of the Fund. Also, help Fund’s portfolio companies in operations, subsequent round of funding and/or strategic advice.

2 – Fund Raising

Reach out to potential clients/ investors in your network who could be interested in investing in an AIF and assist in setting up one-on-one meetings.

3 – Deal Sourcing

Share relevant startup funding deals based on Fund’s investment thesis.

4 – Entrepreneur in Residence

Work closely with Founders of our portfolio companies and share your own experience of successfully building a venture and exiting it.